Race to the Top Evaluation

Race to the Top Overview

North Carolina is one of 12 recipients of the 2010 federal Race to the Top (RttT) grants, bringing nearly $400 million to the state’s public school system for use over the next four years. NC’s RttT plan is a coordinated set of innovative activities and policy reforms designed to collectively improve the performances of students, teachers, leaders, and schools. It addresses the four key reform areas outlined in the federal guidelines:

  1. Adoption of internationally-benchmarked standards and assessments that prepare all students for success in college and the workplace;
  2. Construction of data systems that measure student success and inform teachers and principals in how they can improve their practices;
  3. Attention to increasing teacher and principal effectiveness, and achieving equitable distribution of  effective teachers and principals; and
  4. Development of plans to turn around the lowest-achieving schools.

Implementation of the plan is a collaborative effort of the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction and several partner organizations, with guidance and support from the State Board of Education and the Governor’s Education Transformation Commission.

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